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Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care Palm Bay FLElementary students are very much a part of who we are at Bayside Discovery Center. We are pleased to service Westside Elementary School with quality before and after school care.

Included in your weekly, flat-rate tuition is transportation, a selection of after school snacks, access to assistance with homework, in addition to organized games and activities for your school-aged child. We have a consistent rotation schedule consisting of inside and outside organized games and activities with enthusiastic team members and includes, one movie day per week, sports, arts and crafts, plus much more!

We take transportation and dismissal procedures very seriously at Bayside Discovery Center and you could rest assured that if your child is expected to be our van in the afternoon, our staff member will NOT leave the elementary school without notification from the parent or an elementary school staff member letting them know that your child has made other arrangements. That stated, it has been of utmost importance that parents remember to keep our front desk informed of any changes within their dismissal plans, or if your little one is absent from elementary school for any reason.

Children who are enrolled in our before and after school program are also eligible to come to BDC on school holidays, Christmas and Spring Break and, best of all, Summer Camp! A list of days that BDC is closed is published for the entire year, but they are a limited number of days. Don’t stress about the teacher workdays or the early dismissal days- we’ve got you covered!