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VPK or Voluntary Pre Kindergarten is an educational program that helps your child be ready for kindergarten.

Teaching Preschoolers to Make Healthy Choices

At Bayside Discovery Center, we prioritize teaching preschoolers to make healthy choices through hands-on and guided learning. However, learning healthy habits should be reinforced at home as well. Teaching your child about a balanced diet and encouraging physical activity at home lays the foundation for healthy choices throughout their life. Ways to Teach Preschoolers Healthy Eating Habits Teaching your child healthy eating habits is
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What’s the Difference Between VPK, Preschool and Early Learning Centers?

Deciding where to start your child’s educational journey is an important step for any parent. To help make your decision a little easier, we’re going to explain the difference between Voluntary Pre-K (VPK), preschool, and early learning centers.  The Difference Between VPK and Preschool  Preschool is for children who are around 2-4 years old. In preschool, the emphasis is on playful learning. Typical activities
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What is Learning by Doing Philosophy?

Learning by doing philosophy is an experiential, hands-on approach to learning. In a preschool setting, such as at Bayside Discovery Center in Palm Bay, FL, learning by doing aims to give children exciting and memorable learning experiences by expanding beyond the classroom and traditional teaching methods. “Learning by Doing” Preschool Activities There are many activities that allow for hands-on learning. One great way to
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How VPK Encourages Independence (and Why it’s Important)

Independence is one of the most important skills that children develop during their early years. From learning to dress themselves, to learning to drive, independence is a skill that is continually built upon as a child grows. Voluntary Pre-K, or VPK, is the perfect environment to introduce your child to the concept of independence. New Experiences in VPK Encourage Independence Enrolling your child in
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VPK Helps Develop Lifetime Social Skills

Voluntary pre-kindergarten, or VPK, has many benefits for your growing child. One of the most important opportunities VPK offers is its ability to immerse children in an environment in which they begin developing lifetime social skills. VPK is often a big change in your child’s routine and may seem scary to them at first, but it will teach your child key social skills they
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The Importance of VPK

Registration for voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) has started in Palm Bay, FL. If your child is going to be four years old by September 1st  they are eligible to attend VPK. Many studies explain the specific ways VPK helps establish a solid educational foundation for your child. We will cover many of those reasons here, but the most important thing to know is that the
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