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Childhood Literacy Starts At Home

Childhood Literacy Starts At HomeEarly childhood programs are a great way to get your child started on the road to academic excellence. But simply choosing the right program for your child will not be enough to ensure they do well within it. The atmosphere you create at home for your child and how quickly you teach them to read goes a long way towards determining their attitude towards learning. Various studies have shown that children who learn to read quickly find it easier to grasp other subjects more easily as they continue their education.   

Improving Childhood Literacy at Home

Children’s first experiences with reading will come from home. As they observe their parents or siblings reading, they will become curious. Parents can help to instill a love of reading and learning in their children by implementing the following methods:

Keep a Home Library

Your home library can carry books for your own reading pleasure, and also carry a section for your child filled with basic vocabulary texts and picture books. Seeing the library every day will help get your child used to the idea of reading books every day. 

Read Books Yourself

While the library is a good first step, you also need to make use of it and allow your child to watch you reading in your leisure time to help convince them further that reading for fun can be a good pastime. 

Read Aloud to Your Child

Grab a book that contains your child’s favorite stories and start reading aloud. You can read a novel or short stories, fantasy or science fiction, as long as it holds your child’s interest and makes them grow to love books.  

Read Together 

The next natural step is for you to read along with your child. This can be a great way to introduce children to the idea of reading on their own without intimidating them with the idea of deciphering long words and reading thick books.

Create Books Together

You can also challenge your child’s creativity by building a book together that contains stories your child thought of or drew! 

Remember that the child’s full mental and physical development cannot be left entirely up to schools or learning programs. As parents, your active involvement in the child’s education is equally important to improve their childhood literacy. 

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