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The Importance of VPK

The Importance of VPKRegistration for voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) has started in Palm Bay, FL. If your child is going to be four years old by September 1st  they are eligible to attend VPK. Many studies explain the specific ways VPK helps establish a solid educational foundation for your child. We will cover many of those reasons here, but the most important thing to know is that the state of Florida believes VPK is so valuable that they have made it free for every child to attend.

We Believe in the Importance of VPK. Here’s Why:

VPK Prepares Children for Kindergarten

A study from the Florida Department of Education found that 82 percent of children who participated in VPK in 2013 were prepared and ready for kindergarten. In contrast, 53 percent of children who did not attend VPK were ready for kindergarten.

At Bayside Discovery Center Kids Learn:

  •         Pre-math skills
  •         Pre-reading skills
  •         Stronger vocabulary and communication skills
  •         How to share toys
  •         How to wait their turn
  •         How to get along with other children
  •         How to listen to and follow directions

Much of learning begins with exposure to new information coupled with repetition. At Bayside Discovery Center, we always work hard to provide a developmentally appropriate environment for our students. Read more about the cognitive and non-cognitive skills VPK students develop here.

VPK Helps Develop Stronger Social and Emotional Skills

Beginning around age 4, preschoolers realize they have the same interests as other kids and play becomes more than exploration. Play becomes a means of learning about themselves, too. As preschoolers play, they discuss, negotiate and strategize with their playmates.

Play helps early childhood aged children realize and understand the needs of other people in addition to their own. Children learn how to work together to accomplish tasks. This helps them build confidence as well as learn teamwork.

There are four different types of play explained in this GreatSchools.org article. Dramatic Play, one of the four types, helps children develop their imaginations. As they mimic roles they observe in adults, create stories, and use toys to represent different objects, kids learn how to interact better with their environment.

Creative play helps support emotional development as students learn to finish a project even when aspects are challenging.  Creative play also supports learning fine motor skills when kids use coloring tools and scissors or clay.

VPK Develops Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Through the two other styles of play, Physical and Manipulative, preschoolers begin developing gross and fine motor skills. Manipulative play such as building with objects, putting puzzles together and adding beads to a string, all support strengthening fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills, as well as a child’s body, strengthen with physical activity. Playing on scooters, running, jumping rope, climbing on playground equipment, and throwing a ball are all types of Physical play.

VPK enrollment has started! It’s important to submit your paperwork sooner rather than later to secure your child’s spot for the Fall. Contact us with questions or to set up a tour of Bayside Discovery Center today.


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