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The Importance of Preschool [Infographic]

Did you know that 90% of a child’s brain growth occurs before they turn 5. This is why early education is so important. The state of Florida has recognized the importance of early education and as a result offers free VPK for child who turn 4 by September 1st in an given school year. (Learn more about VPK here.)  Here at Bayside Discovery Center, we also recognize the importance of early education. It’s more than a job to use, it’s a calling. Preschool teaching children so much more than just how to read or behave in school. We teach them how to learn by doing. How to use their curiosity to learn about the world they live in and build new friendships.

Preschool has long term benefits as well. Children who attend preschool have a 20% higher likelihood of increasing their economic status! Check out some more of the great benefits preschool provides in the infographic below.

The Importance of Pre-School Education Infographic

Infographic Via albuquerquedaycare.org/importance-of-early-childhood-education-infographic/



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