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Preschool Improves Social Skills

Preschool Improves Social SkillsAll parents know that their child needs to develop good social skills in order to have meaningful interactions with others. However, it may surprise you to learn that according to a study by the American Journal of Public Health, a child begins developing social skills in kindergarten that will continue to help them succeed even on into adulthood. Read on to learn why developing strong social skills is vital for young children and how preschool further enhances these skills. 

Why Do Children Need Good Social Skills? 

Strong social skills enable a child to get along with their peers, follow directions, and develop empathy. Having a good social foundation will enable your child to resolve conflicts, make friends, and cooperate in a group setting. These social and emotional skills are necessary not only to fit in at school but also to have enjoyable friendships and work relationships. 

How Does Preschool Teach Social Skills?

Being in the preschool setting is the perfect way for your child to practice his social and emotional skills. As your child plays and learns in a group setting, he will naturally begin to have more positive interactions. In the classroom, your child will learn to introduce herself, join playgroups, share toys and tools, and ask peers questions. When children are able to play in large groups, they begin to engage in more structured play, such as pretending to go to the grocery store or taking care of a baby. Positive social behaviors are learned when children interact with each other independently.

Teachers help develop social and emotional skills in preschool children when they encourage sharing, communicating, and getting along with others. Helping children resolve disagreements, encouraging those that feel left out, and displaying positive socializing through stories, songs, and group games, are all ways preschool teachers help foster positive social interactions in their students. 

Positive Social Behaviors to Look For 

How do you know if your child is gaining strong social skills? Here are some signs that your child is on the right track:

  • She is willing to share her toys
  • He gets along well with classmates and siblings
  • She makes eye contact when speaking and being spoken to
  • He listens and follows directions
  • She does not interrupt others
  • He says “please” and “thank you”
  • She respects others personal space

While your preschooler is unlikely to master all these skills right away, they should be working towards a few of them. Don’t worry if you have a shy child. With a little extra attention and practice, she will be able to master these skills in no time. 

How Bayside Discovery Center Helps

Preschool children from Palm Bay, FL, enjoy Bayside Discovery Center‘s fun and engaging environment. Our preschool curriculum includes activities that promote socialization and a literature-based curriculum to guide hands-on learning in language, art, science, and math.


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