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Summer Activities for Your Preschooler

Summer is here and while the routine of attending preschool has changed your child’s curiosity is likely the same. We’ve compiled a list of activities for you to introduce this summer to keep building on the momentum from the past nine months.  Take advantage of your preschooler’s hunger to learn and have fun this summer with these activities.

Summer Activities for Your Preschooler


Library Reading Challenge or a Bingo reading challenge at home:

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

picture scavengar hunt

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Math and Science:

Check out this Fireworks in a Jar experiment or break out the LEGOS.

Fireworks in a Jar

Fireworks in a Jar

Lego Challenge

LEGO Challenge


Inexpensive art projects are always great to have ready to go.

ice cube painting

Ice Cube Painting

sidewalk pain

Sidewalk Chalk


Pool Fun:

Enjoy your time outside and stay cool too!

squirt gun race

Squirt Gun Fun

Bubble Snake

Bubble Snake

These ideas are just a few of our favorites on Pinterest. We know you likely have several of your own to add. One thing you might consider is utilizing a summer activity planner like this one here. A planner will help you make sure you have the materials on hand when the time comes for your next activity.

We all love summer, but we are looking forward to schooling starting again shortly! Have you completed your registration for Bayside Discovery Center? Contact us today save your spot we are currently registering students for the Fall VPK and Preschool classes!


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