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What is Learning by Doing Philosophy?

What is a Learning by Doing Philosopy

Learning by doing philosophy is an experiential, hands-on approach to learning. In a preschool setting, such as at Bayside Discovery Center in Palm Bay, FL, learning by doing aims to give children exciting and memorable learning experiences by expanding beyond the classroom and traditional teaching methods.

“Learning by Doing” Preschool Activities

There are many activities that allow for hands-on learning. One great way to learn by doing is to start a garden. Kids will have a blast getting their hands dirty by digging and planting. By growing their own garden they will observe the parts of a plant, how plants grow, and how they are affected by the weather.

Another hands-on activity for preschoolers is to set up a pretend store. This is a great activity for practicing math! Pretending to pay for items will expand children’s’ knowledge of money and their familiarity with different bills and coins. They will need to put their addition skills to use to figure out how much items cost. These activities keep children engaged and encourage them to ask questions as well as interact with their environment and their peers.


What are the Benefits of a Learning by Doing Philosophy?

Preschoolers typically have about 10-minute attention spans. Children are sure to lose patience when being required to sit still and listen to their teacher talk for an extended time. It’s unrealistic to expect preschool-aged children to sit and quietly fill out math worksheets.

Instead, children will have fun and be more engaged if they are guided through hands-on activities, perhaps leaving the classroom to experience what they are learning in the real world. Kids are more likely to remember something they experienced and tried for themselves rather than simply read in a book. Putting context to new concepts is helpful for long term learning.

Enrolling in a preschool that encourages learning by doing can give your child a head start as they prepare for kindergarten and the rest of their educational career. In this environment, children will hone their fine motor skills, social skills, language skills, and cognitive skills. By taking part in experiential learning, children will see how to apply what they are taught in the real world.

Experiencing what they are learning first hand and actively taking part in lessons will create lasting memories for your child and foster a love for learning that will follow them for the rest of their lives. In learning, by doing environment your preschooler will be encouraged to ask questions and explore while developing creativity and curiosity. This empowers children to take initiative, make decisions, and be problem solvers.

You can watch fifty videos on how to ride a bike but you will never actually be able to ride one unless you get on a bike and try it for yourself. By allowing young minds to participate in hands-on lessons, we open their eyes to how their world works. They are learning in the way that young minds should learn.

When exploring preschool options for your child, it’s essential to look for a program that incorporates learning by doing as this will ensure that your child gets the most out of their preschool education. They will be able to play, ask questions, explore, and express their creativity. At Bayside Discovery Center we believe we learn best when we experience something first hand. Contact us today to learn more about our learning by doing philosophy.



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