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4 Questions Parents Should Ask About Preschool Programs

4 Questions Parents Should Ask About Preschool ProgramsIf you are researching preschool programs for your four-year-old child, you know that there is a wide variety of options out there. But how can you know which program is right for you? Before you begin the enrollment process, it is a good idea to visit potential preschools and interview the director or teacher. Since current restrictions prevent in-person tours Bayside Discovery Center has created this video with a virtual tour. 

When comparing preschool programs to ensure you find the right fit for your child’s needs here are four questions to clarify as you’re researching the best options for your child.

1. What is the Teacher to Child Ratio?

In Florida, the regulations for teacher to child ratio for preschool and Pre-K state:

  • 2 year olds: 1 teacher to no more than 11 children
  • 3 year olds: 1 teacher to no more than 15 children
  • 4, 5, and 6 year olds: 1 teacher to no more than 20 children

It is important to make sure this rule is followed so that your child can receive the attention and support she needs. In addition to licensed teachers many preschools will employ a classroom assistant to help out. At Bayside we keep our student-to-teacher ratios below state requirements in order to best serve each child.

2. How Will You Accommodate My Child?

It is vital that your preschool takes into account basic health and safety regulations. But many parents have additional concerns such as food allergies, disabilities, or chronic health conditions. If your child needs to take medication at a certain time everyday, will your teacher administer it? If the preschool provides food, do they accommodate your child’s dietary restrictions? It is important to discuss any related worries you have, so the teacher is aware of your child’s unique needs. You can read a short overview to the most Frequently Asked Questions prospective parents ask Bayside Discovery Center here! 

3. What is the Focus of the School’s Curriculum?

The purpose of preschool is to prepare children for elementary school. This is done through improving their social skills, academic skills, and motor skills, but some preschools have a curriculum that especially emphasizes one or more of these areas. Here at Bayside Discovery Center, our program follows a literature-based curriculum, where our students learn through stories and then implement this knowledge through hands-on activities. Whatever the style of the program’s curriculum, the end goal should focus on preparing your child with foundational skills for kindergarten. 

4. On Which Days or Holidays is the School Closed?

Aside from having to worry about taking off from work or hiring a babysitter, school closure days can disrupt daily activities for your child who thrives off of routine. On the other hand, you may wish for your child to be off for certain holidays or religious observances. Ask all potential preschools about their program’s calendar. At Bayside Discovery Center, our before and after school programs are open 6:45 am-6:00 pm most days of the year, even over Christmas, Spring, and Summer break. 

Consider Bayside Discovery Center

If you are searching for a high-quality preschool program in Palm Bay, Florida, consider Bayside Discovery Center for the 2022-23 school year. Contact us to register your child for preschool, VPK, before or after school programs. 


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