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Why Choose Bayside Discovery Center

Why Choose Bayside Discovery CenterPreschool is often a child’s first opportunity to interact with teachers and other students. This is an exciting time for everyone in your home and there are likely several factors to weigh as you consider your options. All good preschools aim to help your child develop social, cognitive, and motor skills. But, a great preschool will also take the time to understand a child’s individual needs. It’s going the extra mile that will make a preschool stand out. 

Here are some questions you should ask when deciding between preschool options in Palm Bay, Florida:

Do they offer a wide range of programs?

You may want to consider a preschool that offers various programs that take into account your child’s age, development, and comfort level. Children learn at different paces, and not all children belong in the same class just because they are the same age. We have special classes for preschoolers at Bayside Discovery Center for children as young as 12 months to 5 years. We take care to update you on your child’s development and discuss whether or not she is ready to advance to a higher developmental group. We are also proud to offer 4-year-olds our free VPK program to prepare them for kindergarten. 

What types of field trips does the preschool organize?

A preschool curriculum should include field trips that allow children to experience learning in a holistic, real-world environment. As well as encouraging curiosity, field trips enable children to break out of the usual classroom setting and explore the world around them. At Bayside, our VPK students enjoy hands-on field trips into the community, where they experience the behind-the-scenes workings of places like the Publix grocery store, dental office, public library, and animal hospital, just to name a few. 

Does this preschool believe in a learning-by-doing philosophy?

Preschoolers have very short attention spans, so trying to get them to sit in front of a teacher and listen quietly is difficult and often unsuccessful. At Bayside, we understand preschoolers’ unique learning styles. We emphasize a “learning by doing” approach to education. In addition to improving their fine motor skills, reading skills, language skills, social skills, and cognitive skills, your child will have fun while they experience what they are learning. Your child will love our hands-on classroom activities, including science experiments, art projects, cooking, music, and more. 

We are intentional to take advantage of the nature in our backyard with plenty of walks exploring the area and observing animals such as deer or baby bunnies that occasionally visit. We also play on the playground daily which helps develop gross motor skills. After all, a playground is also an outdoor classroom!

Experience Bayside Discovery Center Today

To experience our unique learning environment, watch our video tour. You will see what makes Bayside Discovery Center the top choice for preschool education in Palm Bay, Florida.


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