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Preparing Your Child to Attend VPK

Preparing for attend VPKAre you worried about sending your little one off to preschool? It’s normal for both parents and children to have concerns about this big step in their lives. Taking steps to prepare your child for this new adventure can help to ease their anxiety on the first day. A preschool is a place for children to learn, play, and make friends. Once your child gets used to the preschool routine, they are sure to look forward to all the fun they’ll have each day they attend school.

Preparing to Attend VPK

Children have varying temperaments, so keep this in mind when preparing your child to attend VPK. Some children will be excited to start preschool and others may be nervous. Extroverted children may have trouble waiting their turn or listening to quieter students. Introverted children may have trouble with constant activity with little time to decompress. Depending on your child’s personality, you can take steps to address the issues that you know they will struggle with. 

Introverted children may have a harder time adjusting to the time away from home. You may want to spend time helping them practice talking about their emotions. Additionally, taking the time to schedule a few meetups with future classmates will help an introverted child feel comfortable with other preschoolers before the school years begins.

Fun Activities that Prepare Children for VPK 

There are many ways to introduce your child to the idea of preschool and educate them about what to expect. You can read books together about preschool. Afterward, ask them how they feel about the story and about going to preschool. Preschool, Here I Come!, The Twelve Days of Preschool and The Night Before Preschool are all great choices.

Prepare your child for the preschool routine by playing school together. Do activities that your child will do on their first day of school. Have your child hang up their jacket and put on their backpack. You can read, sing, play games, and have lunch. By making a game out of going to preschool, it can help ease any anxiety that your child may have on the first day and assure them that preschool is a fun place. Playing games like Simon Says, I Spy, and Red Light Green Light will strengthen your child’s ability to listen and pay attention; important skills for preschool! 

Tips for a Good First Day 

As the first day approaches, talk to your child about what to expect and answer their questions. Remind them that it’s ok to feel nervous and that everyone feels that way sometimes. Let them pick out a new backpack and choose their clothes for the first day. Leaving these decisions up to them encourages independence and helps your child feel like a “big kid”. 

On the night before, keep the bedtime routine relaxed and try not to focus too much on preschool. Wake up early so that you aren’t rushed. If you’re worried that your child may be upset about being away from home, let them take a favorite stuffed animal or a family photo with them. 

While starting preschool may seem daunting for you and your child, your child will soon adjust to their new routine and look forward to all the fun had in school. Preparing your child for preschool makes the transition into this new environment easier. They will know what to expect and have an easier time dealing with the new challenges that preschool may bring. This also makes the transition to kindergarten go much smoother!

The team at Bayside Discovery Center understands that all children start preschool and VPK with different emotions. We have years of experience in helping students settle into the routine of the school year to thrive. Contact us today to register. Spots are filling quickly for Fall preschool, VPK and before and after school programs.


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