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How VPK Encourages Independence (and Why it’s Important)

How VPK Encourages Independence and Why it's ImportantIndependence is one of the most important skills that children develop during their early years. From learning to dress themselves, to learning to drive, independence is a skill that is continually built upon as a child grows. Voluntary Pre-K, or VPK, is the perfect environment to introduce your child to the concept of independence.

New Experiences in VPK Encourage Independence

Enrolling your child in VPK is a great first step in fostering their independence. Having to face a preschool class of unfamiliar faces without Mom and Dad present teaches children to make friends and navigate a new situation on their own. The independence that children learn in preschool gives them the confidence to develop new friendships. They learn how to interact with others by sharing, taking turns, and participating in lessons and games.

Children also learn to clean up after themselves and may even be assigned classroom jobs. Accomplishing tasks by themselves boost your child’s self-esteem as they take pride in their work and learn the value of being responsible.

Teachers will help children work through problems by asking them questions like: “How do you think you can fix that?” and “Where do you think that might be?” Asking such questions encourages children to think for themselves instead of relying on others to solve their problems and make decisions for them.

VPK Fosters a Lifetime of Independence

The skills children learn during VPK stay with them for the rest of their lives. They will draw on their sense of independence as they enter kindergarten. Being able to make decisions, solve problems, and effectively communicate with others are all skills that are introduced in preschool and are essential to being independent.

Consider enrolling your child in a VPK program that encourages independence. You’ll help your child develop the independence they need to have a positive sense of their place in the world and the skills to make friends and enjoy lifelong learning.

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Bayside Discovery Center’s VPK program encourages independence in our daily classroom activities. If you are looking for Preschool or VPK programs in Palm Bay, FL please contact us to learn more.


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