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Ways Preschools Develop Fine Motor Skills

Ways Preschools Develop Fine Motor SkillsWhen you send your child off to preschool, they are immediately immersed in the world of letters, numbers, science, social studies, playtime, and so much more. All of the lessons and activities not only widen preschoolers’ knowledge but also allow them to strengthen their fine motor skills. Proper development of fine motor skills during preschool improves hand-eye coordination, enabling children to use their hands more precisely. Above all, your child will be more independent and ready to take on everyday tasks with confidence. 

Children in preschool can develop fine motor skills through a range of activities both inside and outside the classroom. While at school, children might use their hands to write the alphabet, trace numbers, button and zipper their coats, and use building blocks and pegboards during playtime. One of the essential ways teachers can motivate children to develop their fine motor skills is through art. 

Here at Bayside Discovery Center, we encourage the creativity expressed through the arts as part of our “learning by doing” philosophy. We want our students to take the lead and use their imagination while learning. When children have the opportunity to create, they will express their individuality and hone their fine motor skills. 

Some activities that inspire children to use their hands to create in the classroom include coloring inside lines, cutting and pasting, drawing shapes, drawing animals and family members from memory, and using paintbrushes, crayons, and markers. These activities improve hand-eye coordination and prompt children to learn to hold pencils and tools correctly. 

While at home, children should continue to advance their fine motor skills. This does not have to be a chore! You can do hundreds of fun activities and tasks with your children to inspire them to use their hands. Here is a list of exciting games and tasks for your preschooler to try:

Have your child thread pipe cleaners through the holes of a colander. This improves aiming and working in small spaces. No set-up needed!

  • Alphabet Lacing

These giant alphabet beads help your toddler to learn the alphabet and spell while improving hand-eye coordination.

Simply draw a shape or curvy lines and have your child cover the lines with buttons to complete the picture. 

  • Set the table
  • Use velcro
  • Open and close containers
  • Play with puppets
  • Use playdough
  • Play with jumbo legos
  • Stretch rubber bands to strengthen fingers
  • Use tweezers or clothespins to move objects

Bayside Discovery Center’s preschool curriculum incorporates many activities that build fine motor skills in fun and creative ways that children enjoy. From arts and crafts to math and science, our students are engaged in a learning process that builds skills that foster independence and self-sufficiency. Contact us today to learn about our Preschool, VPK, and Before and After School Care programs. 


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