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VPK Improves School Readiness

Kindergarten ReadinessChildren who are academically behind in kindergarten are more likely to stay behind throughout their school years. Voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) is proven to lay the foundation for kindergarten and help build children’s skills in life. So, enrolling your child in a VPK program to prepare them for their transition to kindergarten is helpful to their success. 

Why Are Pre-Kindergarten Programs Important?

Here are some facts about how pre-k improves readiness for school and has a lasting effect on a child’s development:

  1. Receiving high-quality early learning increases a child’s high school graduation rate by 14%
  2. Attending preschool reduces the likelihood of a child repeating a grade by 15%
  3. Preschool helps reduce children’s timidness and improves attentiveness with people outside their home environment
  4. Quality early childhood education has a long-term impact on a child’s social, cognitive, and emotional skills 

How Does VPK Improve Kindergarten Readiness?

VPK teaches children the academic skills they will need to keep up in kindergarten. In VPK, four-year-olds gain basic knowledge like counting to ten and reciting the alphabet, but this is not all. VPK is often the first time children are away from their parents for extended periods. Here, children will learn how to handle separation and resolve conflicts on their own. While in the school environment, children learn to get along with each other and follow instructions from adults other than their parents. 

Here are five areas of development that are shaped by quality early childhood education learning experiences:

  • Fine and gross motor skills 
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Concentration and following directions
  • Language and literacy

How Does Our VPK Program Prepare Children for Kindergarten?

Here at Bayside Discovery Center, we know the value of kindergarten preparedness. Our VPK program provides developmentally appropriate activities which help children reach and go beyond state standards. We have a “learning by doing” philosophy that prioritizes hands-on learning through play and activities. Our staff is experienced in making preschool fun and educational for all our students. At Bayside, we believe in life-long learning and building skills that your child will use throughout their school years. 

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