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VPK Improves School Readiness

Children who are academically behind in kindergarten are more likely to stay behind throughout their school years. Voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) is proven to lay the foundation for kindergarten and help build children’s skills in life. So, enrolling your child in a VPK program to prepare them for their transition to kindergarten is helpful to their success.  Why Are Pre-Kindergarten Programs Important? Here are some
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Preschool Improves Social Skills

All parents know that their child needs to develop good social skills in order to have meaningful interactions with others. However, it may surprise you to learn that according to a study by the American Journal of Public Health, a child begins developing social skills in kindergarten that will continue to help them succeed even on into adulthood. Read on to learn why developing
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Why Choose Bayside Discovery Center

Preschool is often a child’s first opportunity to interact with teachers and other students. This is an exciting time for everyone in your home and there are likely several factors to weigh as you consider your options. All good preschools aim to help your child develop social, cognitive, and motor skills. But, a great preschool will also take the time to understand a child’s
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Before and After School Care in Palm Bay, Florida

As a busy parent, we understand there are many reasons you may require care for your child before school begins. Parents’ work schedules often do not line up with the time they need to drop off their children for school. A long commute or early work hours might prompt parents to leave home early in the morning. Some elementary-aged children are left at home,
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Take Advantage of Free VPK in 2021

Even though VPK is free for four-year-olds in Florida, regardless of family income, not all families take advantage of this opportunity for educational advancement. In 2018, 68% of 4-year-olds were enrolled in a pre-primary program in the US. There are so many benefits to early education. That’s why we want to encourage you to take advantage of free VPK in 2021. The Advantages of
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Bayside Discovery Center Receives Three 2020 Hometown News Readers Choice Awards

The Hometown News Awards are especially meaningful to the Bayside Discovery Center teachers. The residents of Palm Bay vote on these awards. This year Bayside is pleased to receive three awards. In 2020 Palm Bay Readers of Hometown News voted Bayside Discover Center: Best Learning Center Best Children’s Activities Best Childcare Center This is the second year receiving Reader Choice Awards. Bayside Discovery Center
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Ways Preschools Develop Fine Motor Skills

When you send your child off to preschool, they are immediately immersed in the world of letters, numbers, science, social studies, playtime, and so much more. All of the lessons and activities not only widen preschoolers’ knowledge but also allow them to strengthen their fine motor skills. Proper development of fine motor skills during preschool improves hand-eye coordination, enabling children to use their hands
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Teaching Preschoolers to Make Healthy Choices

At Bayside Discovery Center, we prioritize teaching preschoolers to make healthy choices through hands-on and guided learning. However, learning healthy habits should be reinforced at home as well. Teaching your child about a balanced diet and encouraging physical activity at home lays the foundation for healthy choices throughout their life. Ways to Teach Preschoolers Healthy Eating Habits Teaching your child healthy eating habits is
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Preparing Your Child to Attend VPK

Are you worried about sending your little one off to preschool? It’s normal for both parents and children to have concerns about this big step in their lives. Taking steps to prepare your child for this new adventure can help to ease their anxiety on the first day. A preschool is a place for children to learn, play, and make friends. Once your child
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Our Favorite Brevard County Preschool Trips

Preschool children love field trips! They are an exciting chance for kids to get out of the classroom and explore the world around them. We love taking our students at Bayside Discovery Center out to explore. We also believe that family field trips are an excellent way for your preschool-aged children to understand their community better. Preschool Field Trips in Brevard County Florida  Fire
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